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About Us

Members of the JRapp Media team have worked in the world of digital marketing, data analysis, and content creation for over eight years. Our holistic understanding of the internet and data provides us a road map on how to build a community and keep them engaged by bettering their experience.

Marketing and building organic communities is a new artform in the digital age that is lucrative when done correctly and with purpose. We strive to use technology as a tool to bring people together and to enhance the experience of life, particularly in the arts and in business.  

"Marketing without data is equivalent to throwing darts in the dark." – Johnny Rapp

Data has proven itself to be more valuable than gold; however, this is only true if you are looking at the right data. To find the most useful data, you must pinpoint where the best place is to extract that data, and then you must know how to use this information to your utmost benefit.

Since 2012 JRapp Media has studied data and how to utilize it to make the largest impact imaginable. Data provides answers to life's hardest questions, even questions regarding to building communities and connecting with others. Our mission is to utilize our holistic understanding of data and the internet to assist you in expanding your brand's digital and physical appearance in a way that magnetizes the most amount of people.

Our Team

Mark John
Johnny Rapp
Sarah Levo
Abby Berman
Operations Manager
Xavi Miko
Marco Arredondo
Head of Content

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