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πŸš€ Who is Jrapp?

Johnny Rapp a.k.a JRapp is a self-educated social media professional specializing in memes, marketing, and business development based in Los Angeles. He has created and developed online communities for the past ten years by curating memes, activating engagement strategies, producing viral content, and distributing ads. He has developed and grown social media pages for celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Drake Bell, Terrell Owens and delivers next-level marketing campaigns that send more traffic than super bowl commercials. The network he manages now reaches billions of impressions across multiple industries, and he now utilizes his internet communication skills to help empower artists, businesses, charities, and climate solutions.

πŸ“ˆ What is JRapp Media?

JRapp Media is a first of it's kind creative direction & media distribution company. We manage over 50 social media pages that reach over 200M people in the United States.

We leverage our social media network to provide organic marketing services to our clients that help them expand their own digital network.

‍Some of our resources:
50 Social Media Pages with a combined audience of 200,000,000
- Relationships with 500+ Influencers and Celebrities
- Social Media Broker - We help people buy and sell pages with specific audiences.
- Social Media Creative Director for Dozens of Brands and Celebrities
- Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook Ad Specialist

Crypto + NFT Marketing Services

Twitter - One of the top discussion platforms for cryptocurrency projects. Since we have been growth hacking and marketing on Twitter for the past 10 years we have developed various ways to market accounts so that they reach the vanity metrics needed to build up height for crypto projects.We can grow accounts to 1,000 followers all the way to 100,000 followers at $75 per 1,000 followers.

Telegram - A new way for crypto supporters to gather together to discuss crypto currency and the various projects going on within the space. We have created a way to promote and grow Telegram groups with engaged users from other groups. Since we have so much access to various projects and communities, we are able to grow any telegram group upwards of 200,000 members each month.

Press & Blogs - Our company specializes in retail affiliate marketing, web content marketing, and online reputation management. We pair bloggers and media outlets with products, brands and now crypto projects. Each campaign is different based on story, messaging, and goals, contact JRapp for more information.

Instagram - We manage a roster of viral meme pages that we utilize to promote incredible crypto and nft projects.
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Music Marketing Services

Instagram Marketing - We manage a roster of viral meme pages that we utilize to promote music through meme videos. Getting your music in front of fans has never been more effective than blending your song with viral videos that your target audience is watching. We specialize in taking music and organically placing it in front of fans for you.

Music Video Promo on Youtube (Highly Targeted) $1,000 - 100k Views Mimimum
$8,500 - 1M Views Minimum
‍Music Video Promo on Youtube (Generic Targeted) $700 - 100k Views Minimum$5,500 - 1M Views Minimum

Spotify Playlists- We own Spotify playlists and also partnered with some of Spotify’s other top curators.
‍$750 per 100k streams

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