Developing artists, businesses, and brands is our specialty.

We are here to help you become more successful at navigating the digital world through data science, marketing, and community building.

Business Development

We specialize in conceptualizing and developing brands and digital presences by working alongside our team of coders and designers who have been recruited from around the world.

Marketing Campaigns

We utilize our understanding of social media marketing and data science to effectively create marketing strategies within Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Content Creation

We utilize 13 point psychographic data around an audience to pinpoint the best content strategies for your brand. We have proven that if you can understand what your audience is engaging with when they are not looking at your content, you can accurately create content that they enjoy

Some of Our Projects

We build companies that are made to empower you or your brand.


Our Team

It's all about the people

Johnny Rapp


Johnny Rapp, aka JRapp, at 13 years old discovered he could create communities by creating and posting content on Twitter, which he would focus on more than school for the majority of his childhood. By the time he was 18 years old, JRapp had used his knowledge of data science and his understanding of human behavior to consistently reach over a billion people a year through his thirty different accounts.

Abby Berman

Operations Manager

After graduation Abby lived and worked in Paris, London, Copenhagen, eventually moving to Moscow where she was part of the team that started the first commercial radio station in the former Soviet Union. Abby was also a partner in a Danish company that designed and renovated luxury homes for Russian clients both in Russia and Europe. Upon returning to Los Angeles Abby co-founded an art and music focused non-profit and has worked closely with entrepreneurs, artists, and celebrities building partnerships with brands and business leaders. Abby Joined forces with JRapp Media in 2019.


Our clients feedback is important for us

"JRapp is a unique next gen talent well beyond his 22 years of age. A creative savant for the Internet and data, his acute pulse on cultural trends blended with a vast aptitude for psychological and micro-behavioral analytics is what galvanizes digital campaigns reaching over a billion globally." - Marcus Noel / Founder at iCON
"Johnny has been an outstanding leader when it comes to online social media marketing. His vision and his ethics when work is needed to be done, are like non other. what an amazing person to work with." - Youseff Ali / Founder at Syft